Kyle Busch's Toyota Camry racing car captured using DPI-8X

Dear laser scanning community,

Last month, our partner DotProduct attended Siemens PLM World in Indianapolis. During this event, the manufacturer could create a fantastic scan of Kyle Busch's #18 Toyota Camry racing car within a few minutes when using DPI-8X.

Kyle Busch´s Toyota Camry racing car - 3D model captured with DotProduct DIP-8X

CGI Congress and Fair in Hamburg - A positive conclusion

Dear laser scanning community,

For the first time, we were at CGI Congress and Fair in Hamburg last week - together with our UAV partner anviTech. The event about CGI was a new experience since CGI sector has different objectives and demands than the majority of our customers. But within this clientele, hardly any demand resembles another.

A variety of used scanners for sale

Dear laser scanning community,

At the moment, we offer numerous used scanning systems for sale. We currently offer the following pre-owned laser scanners and optical 3D scanners:

Free tickets for CGIc on 1 and 2 June 2017 in Hamburg

Dear laser scanning community,

In two days, Thursday 1 June 2017, this year's CGI Congress and FAIR is going to start in Briese Studios im Hamburg. CGIc combines fair, congress and networking and provides a perfect opportunity to inform intensively about latest CGI technology and coming developments.

When: 01 & 02 June, 2017
Where: BRIESE Studios, Semperstr. 28-30, 22303 Hamburg

GeoSLAM reseller meeting in London - Announcement of new features for ZEB-REVO

Dear laser scanning community,

Last week, we spent two days in London. The GeoSLAM reseller meeting in the Australian Embassy was the main reason for our visit - GeoSLAM couldn't have chosen a better location for this event.

GeoSLAM reseller meeting in London.

Sensation in Horice - Schmiddel gets on the podium

Hello Laserscanning Europe Road Racing friends and Schmiddel friends,

The start into the racing weekend for Schmiddel was different than originally planned. Unfortunately, Schmiddel's faithful assistants couldn't support him the desired way last weekend. Without caravan and massive aid, he started his tripo to Horice.

Cohesion in road racing

But road racing followers are a big family. Thus, Schmiddel found a helper in need due to the road racing team Voit who immediately agreed help.

Platz 9 und 8 für Schmiddel - Kurzer Rennbericht zum Saisonstart in Hengelo!

Liebe Road Racing Freunde,

bereits am Donnerstag traf Chris Kühnen von Racefoxx bei Schmiddel ein. Da Schmiddel seinen Transporter vor kurzem verkauft hatte, bekam er unkompliziert Hilfe vom Racefoxx-Team, die ihm einen Sprinter zur Verfügung stellten.

Laserscanning Europe initially @ CGIc 2017 in Hamburg

Dear laser scanning community,

On 01 & 02 June 2017, we are going to be exhibitor at this event for the first time. The combination of fair, congress and networking provides the perfect platform for international manufacturers and service companies professionally dealing with CGI to introduce their innovative products and services intently, effectively and profitably to a selected specialist audience. Many technical lectures of exhibitors and speakers of all CGI fields allow direct insight into the complex matter.

FARO 3D Conference 2017 - A conclusion

Dear laser scanning community,

On 27 and 28 April 2017, this year's FARO User Conference took place in Rottweil (Germany). The 6th edition of this event provided attendees an insight into the state of the art about laser scanning.

Laserscanning Europe @ FARO 3D Conference 2017

Dear laser scanning community,

Next week, we are going to be exhibitor at FARO 3D Conference 2017. The sixth edition provides an insight into the latest state of the art about laser scanning. At the conference, you can extend your knowledge in live workshops using real-life examples. Moreover, you can dicuss with a lot of laser scanning experts.


Bleiben sie auf dem Laufenden!