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We are looking for a laser scanner for industrial applications. We want to scan engines and facilities in production for as-built documentation and planning of retrofitting.

Can this be done with a 3D scanner? Which laser systems are available for industry and which results do we get? Can we process the the laser scans in a CAD environment or is there anything we need to be aware of?

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Hi, I'm not an expert in this

Hi, I'm not an expert in this field, however I'm sure that it can be done with a 3D scanner, but why do you want to use specifically laser scanner? I mean, why not to try a structured light scanner, for example?

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Industrial application


for industrial applications(volume bigger than 1m³) and need for high accuracy the SURPHASER 100HSX-SR is the perfect instrument.
Working range 1m to 7m, accuracy <0,3mm

Example: The casted block of a ship engine (3m x 2m x 13m) can be scanned in a few hours. A structured light scanner would need five times longer. If the high accuracy of a structured light scanner is not required, the SURPHASER is the most efficient solution.