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We are the only ones who provide this offer. Modern laser scanners for incredible prices – combined with more than 10 years of experience in the field of laser scanning. We assist you with finding the ideal laser scanner for your application. Benefit from our free advice.

Everything included

Of course, our laser scanner is available with comprehensive laser scanning accessories. This includes a simple laser scanner starter kit and can be enlarged optionally. As diverse as your job.

Laser scanning software

For being able to use the information (point clouds) obtained from the laser scanner, you can get our laser scanners inclusive a workstation with pre-installed laser scanning software for the analysis and registration.

No risk

You get our laser scanners and the accessories with insurance so that you don’t have a rude awakening in the event of damage. Thus, the rental transaction is completely riskless for you.

Modeling service

If you don’t have the human resources to analyze your point clouds, you can benefit from our modeling service. We create professional CAD models out of your laser scanning data according to your needs.

Operator service

In your first project you can benefit from our operator service. The operator shows you how you can simplify your surveying job due to the laser scanner, how you can register and georeference your data and which options exist for the analysis and interpretation of data.

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