Laser Scanning Trainings - From the capture to the point cloud to the modeled result

Learn about laser scanning technology at first hand. We show you the workflow from object surveying by means of a 3D laser scanner to the analysis of data to the creation of documentation.

We offer you a training on the job and not only theoretical instructions. In our workshops, practical experience comes first. With the assistance of our professionals, you capture real objects congenial to your field of application, analyze the scan data and model the scan result. Our trainers have have many years of experience - some of them more than 10 years - in the field of laser scanning and belong to the leading pioneers of this technology in Germany.

Take part in the low-priced group trainings or book an individual training adapted especially for your needs.

Are you interested in another training date than currently offered? Contact us via info@laserscanning-europe.com or use our contact form.

At the moment, we offer the following laser scanning trainings:

At the moment, we only offer general laser scanning trainings in German language. Please contact us if you are interested in an English-speaking training.


Please note that we also offer a training on the job. Have a look at our shop!