Foam protection for FARO Focus 3D X

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Foam protection for FARO Focus 3D X


I'd like to know if the foam that you sell in your store for the Focus S and M scanners is also suitable for the Focus X series. The foam of my FARO Focus 3D X 130 is broken and I need a spare.

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Foam protection for FARO Focus3D X 130

Our foam corresponds 1:1 to the size of the foam of the new Focus S/M series. The foam also fits on the X scanners. However, minor dimensional differences can be detected. On the sides of the scanner, the foam protrudes a bit and you can see that our foam is a bit narrower. This results in a small gap. If you work in a dusty environment, the mirror would not be as well protected as with the original foam.
Enclosed I send you a photo that shows the difference between our new foam protection (left) and the original FARO foam for Focus3D X scanner (right).

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LSE team