Alignment scanproject horizontal

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Jan Harink
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Alignment scanproject horizontal


i have a scanproject, made with Faro S150 and Scene, which exists of 91 scans. All scans have been processed and registered. During scanning i have use inclinometer, but when looking at rightview or frontview, the building seems to look skewed.
I have nog floor to align, because all floors are sloping.
How can i get the scan with a proper X-, Y- and Z-axis?

regards, Jan

Ole Krause
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Beigetreten: 22.06.2020 - 09:45
Alignment scanproject horizontal

Hello Jan,
thank you for your question!
Have you checked the inclunation of your project during the registration process or only at the end?
Maybe there is one or more scans with wrong inclinometer data... In SCENE you have the advanced option to register selected scans without the use of inclinometer data (a little bit hidden function, but usefull).
Please contact me under to get further help in this case!

Is it the first time that you experience this issue? In rare cases this could be a fault of the inclinometer in your Laserscanner, but normally it will throw an error-message on the scanners display then...

However, when your building has only sloped surfaces, you have to select one of the surfaces to align your project.