DotProduct announces Phi.3D 2.2 and Dot3D Edit 2.0

New version Phi.3D 2.2

DotProduct announces the latest release of the scanning software Phi.3D for the handheld 3D scanners DPI-8 and DPI-8X an. The improvements of version 2.2 include:

  • new parallel plane constraint functionality,
  • optional staircase scanning capabilities,
  • improved re-localization,
  • Android 7 compatibility improvements and
  • upgrades to the overall user experience.

Customers who have a current support and maintenance contract for their Phi.3D software license, can download the upgrade here.

Use Dot3D Edit 2.0 to better measure, edit and more

DotProduct also release a new upgrade of Dot3D Edit, the editing application for DotProduct scan data on Windows and Android.

Enhancements of version 2.0 include:

  • surface and cylinder annotations,
  • surface area calculation,
  • diameter measurement,
  • coordinate system editing,
  • AprilTags optimization,
  • batch optimization,
  • new export options (E57, LAS, LAZ, POD),
  • send to Pointfuse functionality,
  • orthographic viewpoints,
  • decimation options,
  • user interface upgrades and more.

Please click here to download Dot3D Edit for Android and Windows.

Did you already know? You can rent DotProduct DPI-8X from us.

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