Easily combine reference spheres with 145mm & 200mm diameter

Would you like to use XXL reference spheres together with reference spheres with a diameter of 145 mm in your scan project? In this case, you should benefit from the latest product development from Laserscanning Europe: the height adapter.

Height adapter for reference spheres

Using the height adapter, you can shift the center of your reference sphere with 145mm diameter to the same height as the center of the XXL reference sphere with 200mm diameter.

For this purpose, the adapter is simply screwed between the reference sphere (145mm diameter) or the small mini prism and the magnetic base.

Thanks to the height adapter, you will have to carry fewer accessories for your laser scanning projects in the future. For instance, you can add the height adapter to the reference sphere adapter for XXL spheres to use it with a Basic, UltraX, Flexi, Traveler or prism reference sphere.

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