GeoSLAM HUB 4.1.0 software update

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We are pleased to let you know that our partner GeoSLAM, manufacturer of the mobile scanning systems ZEB REVO and ZEB-REVO RT, has announced the release of a new version of GeoSLAM HUB software. GeoSLAM HUB 4.1.0 will be available for download as of 30 April 2018.

Features of GeoSLAM HUB 4.1.0

  • New 3D point cloud viewer - Until now it has only been possible to view pointcloud data in 2D within GeoSLAM Draw. It is now possible to use the 3D viewer to interrogate both the vectorised linework and pointclouds together.
  • Sphere Detection - Sphere detection in unstructured pointclouds has now been enabled inside GeoSLAM Draw. This means it is now possible to select spheres and use them as control for geo-referencing or as a means of checking accuracy of resulting scan data against known points.
  • Web export with embedded videos and measurable point clouds - From GeoSLAM Draw Pro (not included with GeoSLAM Hub upgrade must be purchased separately) it is now possible to generate a web-export that contains all pointcloud data, video , annotation and vector line work. This export can then be shared, viewed, and interrogated by anyone without the need for licenced software. For the first time therefore it is now possible to generate and share final deliverables with end users without using any 3rd party software.
  • End User Registration - Users will now be requested to register their software with GeoSLAM on install. This is important such that we can activate customer support contracts and also generate GeoSLAM Draw licences. This information will enable GeoSLAM to better support customers and also allow us to ensure that all eligible customers receive new software updates in future.

GeoSLAM Draw feature videos

Get to know the latest features in GeoSLAM by watching three short videos:

WebExport in GeoSLAM Draw

Georeferencing in GeoSLAM Draw

New 3D viewer in GeoSLAM Draw

Source: GeoSLAM