Laserscanning Europe is reseller of Teledyne Optech in Germany

We are pleased to announce the partnership between Laserscanning Europe and Teledyne Optech. As of now, Laserscanning Europe is the exclusive distributor of the Canadian manufacturer of measurement devices in Germany and distributes the versatile product portfolio which includes terrestrial laser scanners, mobile mapping systems and cavity monitoring systems. Moreover, we are authorized to offer the measurement devices in Austria and German-speaking Switzerland.

The partnership with Teledyne Optech is in the interests of Laserscanning Europe's efforts to expand the system house's hardware range and to offer perfect product solutions for further areas of application.

Polaris TLS - Scanning in various ranges

Polaris TLSIn our online shop, you will find more information about the Polaris laser scanner. The terrestrial laser scanner with laser class 1 operates according to the time-of-flight (TOF) principle, is suited for scanning in different ranges (up to 250m / up to 750m / up to 2,000m) and delivers highly accurate scanning results.

Thanks to the wide and selectable field of view, you can determine which areas you want to capture. Thanks to this feature, you do not capture any areas of the surroundings that you do not need.

The Polaris is an excellent choice for various applications. Whether in construction, transport, urban planning, mountain rescue or forestry - The Polaris is versatile.

Furthermore, the scanner can be upgraded easily, e. g. to increase the range or to add the colour camera in ther aftermath.

You find the Polaris brochure here.

Flexible mobile mapping with Maverick

We also offer the mobile mapping system Maverick. The portable Maverick can be flexibly mounted on a variety of platforms, such as vehicles, trains, quad bikes and segways, and operate in a wide range of conditions. Moreover, Maverick is characterized by highly accurate LiDAR sensors, high-resolution 360° cameras and real-time data display.

We will provide further information soon. You can already get an insight in the following video:

Lynx - Mobile surveying for transportation infrastructure

Lynx ScannerGeospatial data is crucial to keeping transportation corridors open and operating smoothly. Transportation departments need up-to-date, highly accurate spatial information about their network to plan construction, manage signage, monitor damage, check bridge clearances, or otherwise drive better decision making. Better information leads to better decisions. Better decisions improve safety and service while reducing cost.

The Lynx mobile survey system is a perfect scanning system to produce spatial information. Equipped with highly accurate high-speed lidar sensors and integrated 360° cameras, operators can collect detailed geospatial and geometric information from hundreds of kilometers of roadway/railway in a single day without closing them to normal traffic. From bridge clearance to surface slope and condition - the Lynx provides engineers and planners with the clearest possible view of their transportation networks, enabling a wide variety of improvement and monitoring applications.


CMS - Easily scan cavities

CMSThe CMS (Cavity Monitoring System) is an ideal scanning solution for dangerous and inaccessible cavities. using CMS, you candetermine a cavity's size and volume while standing safely clear. This insight into the actual structure of a mine, for example, improves mine efficiency and operations. CMS is the standard for fast, reliable and efficient scanning and monitoring of underground cavities.

Thanks to the selection of scan parameters, the integrated camera and the variety of universal data formats, CMS is an inspection tool for ore passes, raises, storage bins, ventilation shafts and other inaccessible areas.


We are pleased to be able to support our customers even better in their scanning projects thanks to the larger portfolio.

Do you have questions about hardware from Teledyne Optech or other hardware solutions? Don't hesitate to contact us by phone via +49 (0)391 62 69 960 or send a mail to