Laserscanning Europe Road Racing Team 2020 – IRRC, ManxGP, TT

What are our plans for the 2020 season?

Christian Schmitz - #104 Schmiddel

With P3 in the 2019 IRRC season, Christian has achieved his best result. This makes him the fastest SSP Road Racer in Germany. Also in the 2020 season, the SSP class in the IRRC is on the agenda again. Furthermore, the focus is strategically placed on the Isle of Man. In 2020, the Manx GP will be on the agenda in the summer as the entry-level event for the Laserscanning Europe team.

Christian Schmitz #104 Schmiddel

Pierre Yves Bian - #199

Pierre Yves Bian is the best road racer in France. He drives for the Martimoto team from the principality of Andorra. Pierre has also been riding in the IRRC for several years and has been in the NW200 in Northern Ireland. Last year, he was at the Manx GP on the Isle of Man for the first time. The Frenchman became best newcomer. This year, he will start for the first time at the Isle of Man TT. We support Pierre Yves Bian as co-sponsor in his preparation for the TT, which he partly performs together with Christian Schmitz.

Pierre Yves Bian