New DotProduct tutorials

Our partner DotProduct has published two new tutorials...

Tutorial: Scan staircases easily with DPI-8X & DPI-8X SR

The newest product tutorial of DotProduct deals with the powerful new staircase scanning capability built into Phi.3D 2.2 software on the DPI-8X and DPI-8X SR handheld 3D scanners. Now, the user is able to flag staircase landings and walls during scanning, locking them in as parallel during optimization.


Tutorial: From scanning to STL file to 3D print - with DotProduct DPI-8X SR, Meshlab and 3D Builder

With growing demand for meshing and printing of DotProduct scan data, the manufacturer has published a new workflow video on the complete process of scanning a foot with the DPI-8X SR, converting to an STL mesh in Meshlab, and preparing to print in 3D Builder.


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