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Carbon tripod for surveyors We have something new!

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our range of laser scanning accessories by new products. As of now, you can acquire a carbon tripod for surveyors, a warning kilt for tripods as well as a LED warning light and a butler for plummet hook that is suited for the warning light.

The carbon tripod for surveyors is a very lightweight and robust tripod which is designed as a surveying tripod. The tripod with a transport length of just 1.08m and a weight of 3,800g is suited for all laser scanners and total stations with 5/8" thread. The surveying tripod allows a useful height of 0.93m to 1.69m and provides the excellent properties of carbon (e. g. better thermal expansion coefficient than wood).

The warning kilt for tripods ensures higher safety for your tripod with scanner. You simply place the warning kilt around your tripod and close it with the hook and loop fastener. Due to the reflective strips, the warning vest for tripods is perfectly visible when light is incident. 

Warning light & butler for plummet hook In combination with the magnetic butler for plummet hook, the LED warning light can be attached to tripods with plummet hook. The rechargeable signal light provides more safety in darkness. The warning light comes with 9 different blinking modes.

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