Rent Leica BLK360 laser scanner at a reasonable price

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As of now, we offer a new device in our extensive range of terrestrial laser scanners and handheld 3D scanners for rental: BLK360 from Leica Geosystems.

The compact Leica laser scanner has only 16.5cm height, 10cm diameter and 1kg weight - That's a real challenge for other manufacturers of scanners. Anyway, the revolutionary scanner with laser class 1 is equipped with a 15 Mpx 3-camera system with HDR and thermal camera.

Providing a scanning range of up to 60m, BLK 360 is an interesting opion for many fields of application. Regarding range, BLK360 grants an accuracy of 4mm @ 10m or 7mm @ 20m distance. You operate the scanner comfortably via an iPAD Pro with ReCap Pro software.

Do you want to test Leica BLK360? Or do you need the scanner just for a few projects? Simply rent the BLK360 from us. Rent BLK360 with iPAD and "ReCap pro for mobile" software or just the Leica BLK360 if you already own an iPAD Pro.

You find our range of scanners to be rented in our online shop:

Do you have questions about Leica BLK360 or scanner rental? Simply call us via +49 (0)391 62 69 960 or send a mail to

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