Sensation in Horice - Schmiddel gets on the podium

Hello Laserscanning Europe Road Racing friends and Schmiddel friends,

The start into the racing weekend for Schmiddel was different than originally planned. Unfortunately, Schmiddel's faithful assistants couldn't support him the desired way last weekend. Without caravan and massive aid, he started his tripo to Horice.

Cohesion in road racing

But road racing followers are a big family. Thus, Schmiddel found a helper in need due to the road racing team Voit who immediately agreed help.

After a long journey, Schmiddel arrived in Horice during the early-morning hours. In the morning, moved into team Voit's tent. The engine which got broken prior in Hengelo, was ready-to-use again and had to be installed. We hereby want to express enormous praise for the mechanists of Stingl Motorsport: Thank you for your efforts!

Qualification on Saturday

Then, he finally accessed the asphalt. During the first qualifying, he had to run in the new engine. During the first laps, Schmiddel "creeped" around the course to test the engine. Two laps before the end of the first qualifying, Stingl Motorsport mechanists finally gave a signal for Schmiddel to accelerate. Thus, he still achieved position 8 after the first qualification. Afte rteh first insights experienced during the two fast laps, the bike was optimised and Schmiddel could still reach start position 6 during the second qualification. Schmiddel was especially glad that all tests for the coming championship run in August worked so well.

Position 2 on racing Sunday

The weather on racing Sunday promised such a lot; in bright sunshine, the audience had great mood. Schmiddel had a perfect start and enhanced by three positions - he got position 3. After a few laps, he led the race for about 1 1/2 laps - he obviously enjoyed. After some exciting duels during the race, he could secure the seond position in the end. A sensational result for Schmiddel - he couldn't believe straight after the race.


When he was drinking the first beer in the cool-down lap, his knees shaked. "In all, I'm very happy about the result and I want to thank all sponsors. A big thank-you to the road racing team Voit that supported me although we are competitors - This is only possible in road racing." Schmiddel said.

We hope that Schmiddel and his team proceed this way. We will see in Imatra in July!

See you!

Yourr Laserscanning Europe Road Racing Team