Zebedee scanner and PointCab software in use at Queensland police

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Since recently, Queensland police has used the laser scanner Zebedee for surveillance and investigation of crime scenes. The Zebedee scanner - named for a character of the TV series "Magic Roundabout" - is fixed atop a spring and maps crimes scenes by means of 3D scanning in less than 20 minutes. The operator only walks around the crime scene to capture it. Since he is in a blind spot of the device, he will not be displayed in the 3D model of the crime scene. Moreover, Zebedee was designed not to capture moving objects.

The scan data is processed with PointCab, a software for the analysis of point clouds, in order to create plans and sections, for instance. Since you can output PointCab results, inter alia, as DWG or DXF file, the optimum conditions for creating 3D models in almost any CAD system are given.

The Australian CSIRO is already thinking about developing a flying version of the scanner for scanning hard to reach sites.

According to Police Minister Jack Dempsey, Queensland police saves thousands of hours of investigation due to Zebedee scanner; the device could also be adapted for other fields of application like search and rescue.

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