Kyle Busch's Toyota Camry racing car captured using DPI-8X

Dear laser scanning community,

Last month, our partner DotProduct attended Siemens PLM World in Indianapolis. During this event, the manufacturer could create a fantastic scan of Kyle Busch's #18 Toyota Camry racing car within a few minutes when using DPI-8X.

Kyle Busch´s Toyota Camry racing car - 3D model captured with DotProduct DIP-8X

The 3D model has been uploaded to Sketchfab; here you can view a decimated point cloud of the model. If you want to view the entire point cloud, you can download it here. Using Windows or Android version of Dot3D Edit, you open the file.

Please find further information about the handheld scanner DPI-8 on our website or in our shop.

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Your Laserscanning Europe team