A variety of used scanners for sale

Dear laser scanning community,

At the moment, we offer numerous used scanning systems for sale. We currently offer the following pre-owned laser scanners and optical 3D scanners:

  • FARO Focus3D X 330
  • FARO Focus3D X 130
  • FARO Focus3D S 120
  • FARO Photon 120
  • Optech Ilris
  • Topcon GLS-2000
  • Konica Minolta Vivid VI-9i
  • David SLS-Structured Light 3D-Scanning-System
  • Solutionix Rexcan 3
  • Riegl LMS Z620
  • DPI-8
  • FARO Freestyle 3D
  • Artec Eva
  • Polhemus FastSCAN Cobra

We usually offer used scanners on behalf of our customers. You always find the latest offers among the pre-owned scanners. Just have a look here!

Do you want to sell your own used 3D scanner? Just send some information! We would like to publish your offer for free.

Do you have questions? Or are you interested in purchase or sale?  Just call us via +49 391 62 69 960 or send a mail.

Your Laserscanning Europe team