Offer of a 3D laser scanner / 3D scanner

We, Laserscanning Europe GmbH, offer you the possibility to sell your used scanner via an announcement in our online shop. But our online shop is only a sales platform. The sale will be done directly between you and the purchaser.

Please note that we only offer the second-hand scanner service for contract partners in Europe.

What is the sale procedure?

First, you fill in the form completely and truthfully. Afterwards, we publish your offer in our online shop.

Once a customers wants to buy the offered scanner, we communicate his contact details to you. The sale transaction including shipping/handover is made directly between you and the purchaser. You conclude a contract with the purchaser. If the sale is effective, you inform us.

Which costs have to be paid?

Only in case of a successful sale, you have to pay a percentage of 7% of the sales price to us. For publishing the offer in our online shop, no fees have to be paid.


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