Point Cloud Registration & Scan2CAD Service

We register your scan data for you - Benefit from our experience

You have scanned with a 3D laser scanner and no capabilities to register the scans? Then, send us your point clouds. Our experienced experts merge the scans, clean them up and align them. At the end, you will receive an overall point cloud of your scan object, which you can use for your measurements and further processing.

Registrierte Punktwolke in FARO Scene

Our Scan2CAD service - We make more of your point cloud

Do you lack the necessary capabilities to process your laser scanner data? Then, you can simply benefit from our Scan2CAD service.

Our highly qualified experts model a 2D plan, a 3D CAD model, a BIM model or an isometry according to your specifications from your point cloud. You can easily process the results in your existing software.

Vom 3D-Scan zum 2D-Plan oder 3D-Modell

Fixed price guarantee - Calculate your costs reliably

The costs are the linchpi of your project. We determine a fixed price perfectly suited your project so that you can correctly estimate the modeling effort.

Laserscanning Europe Modeling Service

Who benefits from our service? What do we offer support for?

1) We model a 2D plan / 3D model from your point cloud

Your profile: You have scanner data from a measurement and want to have it converted into a 3D CAD model or 2D plans. We create the model or plan for you according to the desired level of detail.

2) We discreetly support you in your project

Your profile: You are a service provider and the order volume exceeds your own capacities. Or you need software systems that you don't own and can't learn so quickly. In that case, we can support you discreetly within the scope of your order.

3) We analyze the scan results according to your specifications

Your profile: You need special evaluation results such as target-performance comparisons, surface models or reverse engineering results.

Your benefit: In the field of scanning data for large-volume scanners, we are one of the few providers whose portfolio includes this service.


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