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Architecture, Heritage, Civil Engineering, BIM

Application: Architecture, Civil Engineering & BIM

No matter whether it's façade surveying, Building Information Modeling (BIM), conformal measurements or documentation of buildings - With laser scanning technology, you can measure quickly and efficiently in 3D.

> Architecture, civil engineering & heritage

Planning Security & Surveillance In Industry

Application: Digital Factory, plant design, industry

Do you need a precise documentation of refineries, production halls, technical building equipment, production lines or piping? With a 3D scanner, you can detect even areas that are difficult to access without physical contact.

> Digital factory & plant design
> Energy & supplying industry
> Chemical & process industry
> Foundries & steel industry

Highly Accurate Data For Reverse Engineering

Application: Reverse Engineering

Do you need a precise CAD model of a component? We capture the object in the desired accuracy, analyze dimensions and shape and deliver a CAD model in the agreed standard format.

> Reverse Engineering

Reliable Documentation In Mining & Tunnelling

Application: Mining & tunneling

Benefit from the advantages of laser scanning for 3D documentation of actual conditions, target/actual comparisons of profiles or volume determination. Scanning is a standard procedure in mining and tunnelling.

> Mining & tunneling

Advanced Surveying In Aircraft & Shipbuilding

Application; Aircraft & shipbuilding

Capture even complex structures of aircrafts or vessels geometrically correct, completely and accurately in a minimum of time. Measure the desired dimensions and analyze the scan data in detail.

> Aircraft & shipbuilding

Digital 3D Effects For Gaming & Film

Application: Digital effects for gaming & film

The 3D information provided by a laser scanner serves for CGI, scouting of locations for movies and for creation of storyboards. In game design, scans are an optimal basis for modeling.

> Digital effects in gaming & movies

Your system company for 3D laser scanning

Laserscanning Europe is the leading system company for 3D laser scanning. As an independent and experienced partner, we can offer our customers the best project solution for their application.

By renting and selling laser scanning hardware, software and accessories, we provide our customers with the required tools for their projects. In our training courses, we share our know-how and many years of experience from various projects. On demand, we support our customers with data collection by means of 3D scanners, analysis of scan data and modeling.

We support our customers by offering:

  • practical and independent consulting
  • a detailed analysis of customer requirements and project tasks
  • a development of contemporary and cost-saving solutions
  • many years of project experience in various industries
  • local presence thanks to several locations in Germany
  • an international network for local support in your projects worldwide
  • an all-round service on demand: training, rental, purchase, project support and much more.

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