Scanning for digital effects in game development (VR - Virtual Reality) and movies

Virtual Reality

Laserscanning in movie industry

Simple storyboarding thanks to Laserscanning

Capturing locations via Laserscanning offers numerous advantages. Whether in previsualising and storyboarding or after shooting and during upgrading the production with visual effects, 3D scanning data offers you enormous flexibility. Scans support planning (e.g. perspective, lighting, camera paths, equipment) as well as in digital post-editing (e.g. 3D modelling or and embedding true-to-scale digital contents in correct position).

Location Scouting with 3D scans

Using laser scanners is especially interesting in scouting film locations. Laser scans enable you to visit the future location virtually and to present it digitally to all persons dealing with the production. With the help of the scanning data, the location can be analysed spatially and geometrically. The digital three-dimensional documentation of the location facilitates planning and decisions before starting principal shooting already.

Laserscanning for CGI and visual effects

Scanning data are suited outstandingly as a basis for CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) & VFX (visual effects). If e.g. the Brandenburg Gate is supposed to explode in a movie, a digital copy of the object is suited excellently for designing a high-precision 3D model. If things depend on an exact copy of the colour, it makes sense to colour the scanning data with HDR recordings. HDR pictures can be generated with the 360° panorama camera iSTAR.

Laserscanning in game development

Create virtual worlds based on laser scans

There are countless games showing places from reality. Usually, these have to be created and modelled extensively. 3D laserscanning facilitates this process essentially: Without much expediture of time, objects in all imaginable sizes can be scanned – from a screw to a castle. Geometries can easily be tapped afterwards. The result is a detailed point cloud of the objects convincing with an undreamed realistic scan. Even a resolution in a range below millimeters is possible.

Laserscanning for perfect 3D level design

Laserscanning data are an ideal planning basis for many purposes, just as for 3D modelling. 3D scan data are the ideal basis for creating whole libraries that game designers need for their 3D level design. Different elements can be edited individually that way. Also, house or even city geometries based on the 3D scans can be placed at the designers' disposal.

Create photo-realistic laser scans with HD capturing

Scan result quality can be improved additionally by colouring the scans with pictures from the iSTAR camera. Modelling expenditure is decreased by comprehensive scans – 3D objects can be depicted and created in an even more precise way.