ClearEdge3D announces EdgeWise 5.2.1

ClearEdge3D has announced EdgeWise 5.2.1! Now, you can export valves and flanges from EdgeWise to Revit! In addition, there are other improvements; for example, you can easily exchange EdgeWise family objects for your own objects.


New in EdgeWise 5.2.1: Valves and Flanges Exporting Tool


EdgeWise 5.2.1 - Release Notes

New Functionality & Improvements

  • Valves, Flanges and Flanged Valves are now supported in the EdgeWise Revit Plug-In
    • These objects are exported to Revit as custom-made generic Revit Family Objects
    • To make swapping these families out as simple as possible, a new Type of each family will be created for each combination of Component Type, Standard, and Pressure Rating exported from EdgeWise
  • Added the license Serial Number and Build ID to the About dialog

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a hang that would occasionally occur when extracting pipes during Process Scans
  • Fixed a crash that would occasionally occur when extracting planes during Process Scans
  • Fixed an error in the dimensional data for Channel structural objects in the AS_NZ standard


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