DotProduct news: Dot3D Pro 3.1 & the new DPI-8S

Dot3D Pro now available on Windows and Android

Dot3D 3.1 is available now! With this new milestone, DotProduct not only provides an extensive update for the cross-platform 3D capture solution, but also introduces the official version of Dot3D Pro as a new flagship application for professional 3D scanning on Windows and Android.

Now, Dot3D Pro is available as a standalone subscription or in conjunction with the new DPI-8S and DPI-8S SR handheld 3D scanners. For all platforms, sensors and variants of Dot3D, the Dot3D 3.1 update can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website.

> Download Dot3D 3.1

Brand new functions in Dot3D Pro

The new release provides...

  • Unlimited HD photo capture during scanning from the DPI-8S/SR and Intel RealSense
  • Scale bar targeting and control targeting with checkerboard targets or AprilTag survey targets
  • Import, registration, and comparison of CAD design data to DP point cloud scan data
  • Append to fill and append to align functionality for targetless linking of data sets in the field
  • Optional expansion of single scene capture size up to 160 million points (depends on hardware)
  • Point cloud quality filter for post-processing based on real-time feedback (now DPI compatible)
  • Viewing and export of HD photographs captured while scanning

Dot3D Pro replaces Phi.3D on all DPI handheld 3D scanners

The handheld scanners DPI-8S and DPI-8S SR are powered by Dot3D Pro. Phi.3D is still supported, but no new features will be developed. All DPI-8X/SR and DPI-8/SR customers with active Phi.3D support and maintenance contracts will be transferred to a Dot3D Pro maintenance plan and can upgrade their DPI tablet to Dot3D Pro immediately. DPI customers interested in upgrading should complete the upgrade form as soon as possible to promptly receive the new license key and installation instructions if the maintenance and support contract is current.

> Upgrade to Dot3D Pro


Hardware upgrades to the DPI-8S/SR are also available for all DPI customers with active maintenance contracts. The DPI-8S/SR comes with a 32GB Samsung Tab S2 tablet, a sleek 8.0" QXGA touchscreen display and 3GB RAM for larger scene capture. The new, lighter design also provides direct access to the tablet's 8-megapixel camera for taking HD photos while scanning (enabled in the new Dot3D Pro).

> More about DPI-8S & DPI-8S SR

Dot3D Pro now available for Intel RealSense on Windows

With the release of Dot3D Pro, DotProduct now also offers a professional 3D scanning solution for Intel RealSense customers. With an Intel RealSense depth camera, a compatible Tablet/PC and a Dot3D Pro subscription, DotProduct customers can now create their own customized Intel RealSense 3D scanning solutions. Features include scale-bar targeting, append workflows, CAD design comparison, larger scene capture on powerful devices, additional export formats and more. These advanced features result in higher data accuracy, larger scene sizes, and more.

> More about Dot3D Pro for Intel RealSense

Dot3D Scan offers lower cost, entry-level 3D scanning on Windows

While Dot3D Pro is now the professional solution for DPI kits on Android and Intel RealSense devices on Windows, Dot3D Scan continues to be available at a lower price for smaller Intel RealSense scan requirements on Windows.

> More about Dot3D Scan

New functionality for Dot3D Edit on Windows and Android

With the upgrade, you will now also benefit from new functions in Dot3D Edit and thus from maximum productivity in editing your point cloud. Dot3D Edit allows you to quickly edit, optimize and export DP data on Windows and Android platforms, in the office or in the field. The strategic use of Dot3D Edit can also save valuable time and battery life at the job site. The release of Dot3D 3.1 brings scale-bar targeting, design comparison, HD photo viewing and more to all Dot3D Edit applications.

> More about Dot3D Edit

With the release of Dot3D Pro and the DPI-8S/SR, new DPI scanners are no longer equipped with Dot3D Edit, as the functionality of Phi.3D and Dot3D Edit is now combined in the included Dot3D Pro on Android. Separate Dot3D Edit licenses will continue to be available at an affordable price on Windows or Android.

Dot3D View for free viewing and measurement in Dot3D

Dot3D View offers free viewing and measurement functions on Windows and Android. Dot3D View can now be downloaded directly from the DotProduct website for convenient sharing with co-workers, suppliers and customers. Dot3D View is also available  on the Google Play Store for Android devices.

> Download Dot3D View

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> Rent DotProduct scanner


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