Chemical and process industry

chemical industry

Incomplete drawings

Many facilities in chemical and processing industry are documented insufficiently. The existing drawings are usually available in 2D only, on paper. Usually, the drawings only correlate with the construction data from the time of building the facility. Over time, maintenance and servicing cause changes to the facility, which is different from executing planned projects. Those changes are often not registered in the drawing immediately, sometimes even not at all. Thus, the drawings diverge from reality more or less.

Contact-free surveying

Laserscanning offers the advantage of projects being surveyed during ongoing production. Thus, continuous quality control can be ensured. Also, facility areas which are difficult to access or critical to security can be measured easily.

Information from point clouds

The scan result is a point cloud providing information about the scanned object. Geometries can be derived from the point cloud partly in automated modus. Thus, a three-dimensional copy of the scanned object is generated in a CAD system. Different views and cuts can be generated arbitrarily in a virtual model.

As-built documentation

Laserscanning provides sustainable as-built documentation, meaning complete, real drawings of a facility's infrastructure. Complete drawings are the basis for facility shaping und refurbishment. New facility elements can be installed, pipework can be installed without any problems as spaces and possible collisions with obstructions can easily be spotted.

Quality intensification

Production and and operational procedures can be simulated and optimized afterwards with the help of a 3D model. Measuring data make a verifiable quality intensification in engineering possible and increase planning reliability considerably. Collision checks can be executed via computer. Due to the outstanding planning basics, shut downs are reduced eventually. This leads to a considerable cost reduction with security in the planning process.

Laserscanning offers these advantages

Simple, quick, high-precision, photo-realistic, complete, contact-free, independent from light, repeatable, cost saving, applicable during running production and in areas relevant to security.

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