Surveying via drones - UAS / UAV

As an innovative system for laser scanning data collection, Laser Scanning Europe has now added data acquisition via UAS / UAV, or colloquially "survey by drone". An incredible 150 hectares can be automatically mapped using this technology. Measurement can be executed on any object or surface that can be flown over, such as:

  • Fields and landscapes
  • Building and planning areas
  • Open-pit mines
  • High-voltage lines
  • Forest edges and planting strips
  • Intersections and highway
  • River and stream courses, including riverbeds
  • Dike profiles
  • and many more


As with all our products we try to give our customers an all-inclusive deal. Choose and decide for yourself which of the below mentioned points of interest can be useful for your business or project:

  • Advice about using a drone (UAS / UAV) for site survey
  • Differences between using drones with a digital camera or laser scanner
  • The legal framework for the use of drones and flight planning
  • Advantages and disadvantages for topographic survey by drone (UAS / UAV)
  • On the job training (Our operator will guide you through your project and familiarize you with the technology.)
  • Advice for renting, purchase, leasing and financing of drones
  • and many more

Just one flight from a UAS / UAV / drone can produce an impressive array fof deliverables. We can also assist you in finding the right project deliverables and the necessary steps for producing it. The following results can be created:

  • Ortho photo (optional compatible for your CAD software)
  • Edge lines, vector lines, 3D terrain points
  • DTM (Digital Terrain Model)
  • Meshing
  • Distances, areas, volumes
  • and many more

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