Laser scanning is the modern way of 3D surveying

3D models and CAD plans bsed on laser surveying

Laser scanning is a very efficient survey method to reduce costs. Surveys are realized by a laser scanner, which allows a fast surveying (scanning) of landscapes, structures and their furnishings and arrangements as well as installations. Laser scanners are also used for 3D surveys of large components and complex structures.

Laser scanning expands surveys to the following fields:

Architecture, construction & preservation of buildings and monuments

Laser scanning enables a fast, reliable and inexpensive 3D survey of present structures, buildings and their interior. Laser scanning is typically used, for example, for facades, damages and the building's documentation as well as to perform dimensionally accurate surveys. Using the obtained results from the laser scanner, the user is able to create volumes, surfaces, layouts, sectional views and more. Laser scanning is the optimal method for the Building Information Modeling (BIM).

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Design and planning of factory buildings and digital factory

When it comes to factory planning as well as mechanical engineering and construction, laser scanners are used to efficiently and completely survey production facilities, building services equipment, steel constructions, production lines and production machines. This unique and efficient method is particularly suitable for surveys with regard to modernization, production optimization and expansion of production capacity. As laser scanning is realized without physical contact, 3D surveys can be obtained during machine operation.
Planners, designers and plant engineers benefit from inexpensive and real as-built plans, which increase security in planning and, thus, ensure the success of the entire project. More information...

Mining industry and tunnel construction

Laser scanning makes it possible to survey and measure, for example, cavities, profiles and contours in the mining industry and the tunnel construction in a quick and inexpensive manner. 3D surveying of dangerous and hard to reach areas, such as areas prone to landslides and in danger of collapse, can also be performed in a safe way.
The entire 3D documentation of actual states, the comparison between desired and actual states of profiles as well as determination of volumes are only a few possible results when laser scanning is used. Nowadays, laser scanning is a standard operating procedure for tunnel surveying.

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Public service corporations

Laser scanners are suitable to measure power plants, transformer stations and supply means, such as pipe tracks and channels. This non-contact measurement method is particularly suitable for 3D surveying hard to reach areas and areas restricted for reasons of safety.

Information, obtained from the surveys, provide real as-built plans and sections for the documentation. Laser scanning is the perfect tool for satisfying the complex requirements of planners and design engineers and provides a strong base for planning. More information...

Aircraft construction and naval architecture

Surveying ships and aircraft is made easy through the use of laser scanners. Laser scanning simplifies the survey and analysis of complex structures, for example, when ships or structures of aircraft for the construction are surveyed. Geometrically correct and dimensionally stable surveying allows users in front of the computer screen to use error-free data in a fast way. The time-consuming creation of construction aids, such as templates, is superfluous.
The obtained results can be quickly interpreted and adapted to clients' needs. Laser scanning is a remarkable time saver and is a huge advantage over other survey methods.

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Casting bays and steel industry

When it comes to quality assurance, components are surveyed in 3D and the corresponding manufacturing tolerances are determined. The measurement of large components for the quality assurance is a special field of application for 3d scanners. For this purpose, high-precision laser scanners combined with specific software tools are used. Needless to say, production plants can also be surveyed by laser scanning technology to prepare as-built plans.

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Chemistry and process industry

Laser scanning is very efficient at surveying and documenting refineries, pipelines, pipeline bridges, containers and warehouses in 3D. More often than not, those areas are hard to reach, what makes laser scanning, as a non-contact measurement technology, suitable for this field of activity. As it is a survey method without contact, 3D surveys can be performed during operation; furthermore, scaffolds are superfluous in many cases.The planner is given a real as-built documentation, such as an arrangement drawing, a piping arrangement and isometric drawings. More information...

Laserscanning for digital effects in game development and movies

Laserscanning data offer an ideal and additional benefit for numerous tasks in the movie business and game development. The 3D information provided by laser scans do not only serve virtual effects and CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), but also scouting locations, creating storyboards and much more. In game design, scans present an ideal modelling basis for adopting real geometries and creating libraries. More information...

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