Laser scanning user stories

Combination of FARO scanner data and ZEB-REVO scanner data for as-built documentation

Laser scanning for as-built documentation and planning for subsequent reconstruction work


"ARBE – Arbeit und Beschäftigung für psychisch Belastete" (community offering employment and care for mentally strained people) as initiator of the project placed an order for surveying and digitalization of the buildings by means of laser scanning in order to use as-built documentation for future reconstruction work. The ageing buildings are used as facility for care of psychic burdened people.

Analysis of laser scanner data in different accuracy classes

Accuracy classes of laser scanner data

Our service department offers you the analysis of laser scanner data in different accuracy classes. Accuracy classes depend on the kind of further use of data; they are defined by the customer. As decision support, we provide a brief overview of analysis options for 2D data in respect of scanning data. Deviations can certainly be set anytime; they are implemented during processing.

Reverse Engineering for creating a protective cover for an airbag vest

Benefit of airbag vests for motorcyclists

Airbag vests for motorcyclists have existed for several years. That means in case of emergency, a mechanic or electronic sensor triggers a gas cartridge that charges the vest with lightning speed. Thus, the rider is protected manyfold by the vest, e.g. against the bounce; moreover, the vest secures the helmet.

Use of laser scanner reference spheres - Optimal distance to the scanner

Register point clouds using laser scanning reference spheres

In this user story, we want to find out the distance between scanner and reference spheres allowing spheres to be registered still well in FARO Scene software. Simply put: At what distance may I position my targets so that I can use them for scan registration.

FARO Focus S 150 or S 350 - What are improvements over the predecessor models FARO Focus X 130 and X 330?

Improvements of FARO Focus S 150 bzw. S 350

FARO Focus S 150 and FARO Focus S 350 are a further development of FARO's X series.

Significant product improvements have been made in the scanner's scanning accuracy and IP rating.

Laser scanner and panoramic camera iSTAR - Which adapter do I use for which scanner?

Combine laser scan data with color information

Colored point clouds become more and more important. Leading manufacturers of scanners have responded to this tendency: They offer their scanner models with an integrated camera to create high-definition images simultaneously.

Targetless registration and registration with target marks - When do i use what?

Cloud2cloud registration and registration with target marks

The FARO  SCENE update 5.3, 5.4, and 5.5 means that target-less registration (also referred to as cloud2cloud registration) is a very current topic. The function, however, has already been on the market for a while. Various software packages of other laser scanner manufacturers such as Leica  Cyclone register, Z+F  LFM, and Riegl  Riscan have included this or similar functions for some time now.

Creation and evaluation of a 3D terrain model from drone data by means of PointCab

In this user report, we clearly explain the work steps from flight planning with the UAV (drone), work on site, subsequent calculation of the point cloud, and the evaluation of the terrain data in the PointCab software. The aim of the project was to survey a quarry by means of a drone and to carry out the required evaluations with regard to mining technology. This mainly concerned the pit pattern, the pit geometry, and volume calculations.