ScanReference accuracy

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ScanReference accuracy

Im really interested in your Scan Reference photogrammetry kit, however I have question regarding the application. At the moment I use an Einscan Pro 3D scanner to mainly perform reverse engineering. Im interested into starting to 3d scan larger objects, such as car bodyworks, however I would need to implement photogrammetry to maintain accuracy over the larger object distance. Can you please answer me the following questions:

1) Whats the overall accuracy that your system can achieve over a 4m span?
2) What file does your software output? I think my 3D scanner accepts .p3 files as global marker reference. Looking forward to your reply, I wish you a good day.

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Accuracy and output formats

1: The accuracy of the system is 0,05 mm + 0,05 mm/m. So for a part with a maximum distance of 4m the accuracy will be around 0,25 mm.

2: The operator can create a fully customized ASCII output template. From point numbers to coordinates, standard deviations, normals,… the user can decide what data the output file will contain.

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