Autodesk Recap for data from handheld scanners

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Autodesk Recap for data from handheld scanners

Hello, I want to register data captured with a DotProduct DPI-8 scanner and a FARO Focus3D X130 laser scanner. I've read that I can use Autodesk ReCap for this job. Which version do I need ... ReCap Basic or Pro ?? What are prices ?? Thank you very much!!

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DotProduct DPI8 data


Data captured with a DPI8 handheld scanner can be registered directly in FARO Scene. We have published a brief tutorial ( Of course, Autodesk ReCap can also be used to combine data from FARO scanner and DotProduct scanner.
It's a great solution if you want to go on working in other Autodesk solution (for example Revit) later.
For a long time, ReCap was very cheap. Now, ReCap costs about EUR 2,100 per year since Autodesk has modified its license model.

You can also keep with with PointCab news. PointCab has already launched a geodetic registration app for laser scanners. The team will probably publish an app for handheld scanners, too.

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