PointCab sections & volumes

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PointCab sections & volumes

Hi forum members!

I have generated sectional views and processed volumes in PointCab. Can I transfer them into other projects ???

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Calculation of volume in PointCab


Yes. You can transfer the volume calculation into other projects. There are two ways:

1. You generate a volume calculation in project A and export the edge points as XYZ file (in the Job Editor). Then, use the Volume tool to create a volume definition in project B; import the edge points from project A (also in the Job Editor).

2. An easier way is to use the Element Importer: Create project A. Open project B, select File > Import elements and select the project file from project A. Select the element types you wnat to import (volume calculation in this case).

You can also use these methods to define volume changes of an area during a certain period.

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