Structured and Unstructured data

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Structured and Unstructured data

I'm a beginner in laser scanning.

For my thesis, I have laser scan data in e57 format.
I want to use AutoCAD Recap and Revit, but in recap 360 I can't register my data because it was unstructured data.

What is the difference between structured and unstructured data?

I'm currently using maptek i-site studio to register my data, but still i can't use it in revit or mesh my data.

Thank You

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structure and unstructure pointcloud data


structure means, that the data have structure like a fix raster. Scanner with fix raster like FARO, Leica HDS or ZF Scanners produce such pointclouds. Unstructure point cloud data doesnt have this. Handheld scanner produce often this pointclouds.

With structure pointcloud dataset are some calculations easier possible or only possible, like 3D recounstruction or plane detection (plane fitting) or point cloud registration by cloud 2 cloud algorythm. In structure point cloud you know the relations between each point. With this information you can run calculation fast. In unstructure point cloud the algorythm have to run over all data. This may be take a very long time. This make not sense for the user, maybe that the reason, while recap doesnt allows this.


Eric Bergholz
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