The team


Eric Bergholz


Phone: +49 (0)7153 66 29 110
Mail: info [at]

Eric Bergholz is entrusted with the company management. Furthermore, he is your contact person on the subject of laser scanner hardware and software.


Antje Jahns

Antje Jahns


Phone: +49 (0)391 62 69 99 3
Mail: antje.jahns [at]

Antje Jahns is your contact person for financial aspects.

Shop & Rental

Doreen Hoerold

Doreen Hörold

Shop Manager

Phone: +49 (0)391 62 69 96 0
Mail: doreen.hoerold [at]

Doreen Hörold is office manager and responsible for the online shop. As a surveying engineer, she is the first point of contact if you have any questions about laser scanning.

Alexander Klinkhart

Alexander Klinkhart

Head of Logistics & Scanner Rental

Phone: +49 (0)391 62 69 96 1
Mail: alexander.klinkhart [at]

Alexander Klinkhart is responsible for the shipping of your orders. Moreover, Mr. Klinkhart is yur contact person if you want to hire our scanners or laser scanning accessories.

Katrin Lincke

Katrin Lincke

Assistance Logistics & Shop

Telefon: +49 (0)391 62 69 995

Mail: katrin.lincke [at]

Mrs. Lincke processes your orders and shipping and acts as a link between store and logistics.

Jana Hoheisel

Jana Hoheisel

Assistance Logistics & Shop

Phone: +49 (0)391 62 69 995
Mail: jana.hoheisel [at]

Mrs. Hoheisel processes your orders and shipping and acts as a link between store and logistics.


Mario Hoheisel

Business Development & Sales

Phone: +49 (0)391 62 69 99 4
Mail: mario.hoheisel [at]

Mario Hoheisel is the contact person for the ZEB-REVO and ZEB-HORIZON of GeoSLAM. He also supports the management in hardware sales and acts as a go-between between individual business areas.

Service & Training

Oliver Niemann

Senior Team Leader (Training & Support)

Phone: +49 (0)38203 85 14 43
Mail: oliver.niemann [at]

Oliver Niemann is your trainer for 3D laser scanners and your contact person for services. He provides you with group and individual training sessions. Mr. Niemann will gladly respond to your questions regarding the analysis of scan data, too.

Fabian Wegner

Application Engineer (Training & Support)

Phone: +49 (0)391 62 69 997
Mail: fabian.wegner [at]

Fabian Wegner is engaged in consulting, training and service. Mr. Wegner is also happy to answer questions about various GPS systems.



Malte Achenbach

Surveying Technician (Training & Support)

Phone: +49 (0)7153 66 29 111
Mail: malte.achenbach [at]

Malte Achenbach is engaged in consulting, training & service in Southern Germany.

Niclas Ueberall

Niclas Ueberall

Surveying Technician (Training & Support)

Phone: +49 (0)2151 60 32 955
Mail: niclas.ueberall [at]

Niclas Ueberall is based in our office in Wuppertal; he is responsible for service jobs in Western Germany. 


Vladyslav Buriakovskyi

Application Engineer for Product Development / System Integration

Phone: +49 (0)391 62 69 99 6
Mail: vladyslav.buriakovskyi [at]

Vladyslav Buriakovskyi is engaged in the development of new products and the research and implementation of new technologies. He supports our team with hardware and software solutions; he is your contact person for Russian language support.


Daniela Lorenczat

CAD Manager

Phone: +49 (0)351 82 87 33 60
Mail: daniela.lorenczat [at]

Daniela Lorenczat is based in our office in Dresden. As CAD Manager, she is specialist in terms of BIMand CAD applications. She has skills in many software applications and is responsible for creation of 3D models and 2D plans.

Maja Hartlich

CAD Drafter

Phone: +49 (0)351 82 87 33 62
Mail: maja.hartlich [at]

As CAD drafter and BIM expert, Ms. Hartlich supports our team in Dresden in the creation of 3D models and 2D plans.




Alice Rösler

CAD Drafter

Phone: +49 (0)351 82 87 33 63
Mail: alice.roesler [at]

As a CAD drafter, Ms. Rösler supports our team in Dresden with software training and is an expert in 2D modeling.

Keslin Schnuchel

CAD Drafter

Telefon: +49 (0)351 82 87 33 62
Mail: keslin.schnuchel [at]

As CAD drafter, Ms. Schnuchel supports our team in Dresden in the creation of 2D plans and 3D models.


Lissi Haubenreißer

Marketing Manager

Phone: +49 (0)391 62 69 96 2
Mail: lissi.haubenreisser [at]

Lissi Haubenreißer is at your disposal for marketing matters. Mrs. Haubenreißer is your person of contact for announcements on our website and trade fair organisation.

Martin Arndt

Marketing Specialist

Phone: +49 (0)391 62 69 998
Mail: martin.arndt [at]

Martin Arndt enhances us with his creative graphics and is part of the marketing team.




Paul Janikulla

Media Designer (digital & print)

Phone: +49 (0)391 62 69 998
Mail: paul.janikulla [at]

Paul Janikulla supports our marketing team with his skills and creativity.

Safety department



Office dog & Guard

Rosi is the link between the different departments and strengthens the team spirit. The charismatic dog lady is happy to be petted and to take an extended nap.