3D projection due to laser scanning

For a 3D projection on the fashion boutique Hirmer, the company Mini Vegas from Amsterdam got laser scanning technology for support. The goal of the scanning on site was the as-built-documentation for determining the exact setting of the single projectors and coordinating the projectors synchronously.


By positioning the scanner at nine laser scanning locations, a total of 880 m² façade has been scanned for determining the main projection surface exactly. Furthermore, the entire surroundings have been registered for the additional documentation of the existing buildings. Due to the extensive documentation, distances and further possibilities for the projectors’ setup could be simulated. The structures and frescos of the main facade were of particular interest. Laser scanning presented the perfect measurement method for the highly accurate registration of all façade details.


Scanning of the fashion boutique


Analysis and interpretation

Based on the measurement results, the layout has been generated automatically in Laserscanning Europe’s software PointCab. The point clouds have been processed to a mesh. Then, this mesh could be used for a 3D animation in Autodesk Maya.


PointCab result



The results were impressive! At the premiere on May 16th, the passersby and interested parties could marvel at the 3D projection. Due to the comprehensive registration of the facade details and the surroundings, all required information which is required for the visual reprocessing and the 3D animation is available. This example shows that laser scanning is applicable in 3D visualization more and more.


3D projection on the facade