Facade scanning & surveying by 3D laser scanning


Today, facade surveys are mainly carried out using a 3D laser scanner.
The laser scanner supersedes not only the traditional survey methods, but also optical measurement devices (e.g. laser distance meters, level, total station or theodolite).
Compared to photogrammetry, a laser scanner offers many advantages or combines the advantages of the individual measurement devices in one device.


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Applications of facade survey

  • Building refurbishment
    Capturing of the actual condition. The facade/exterior shell of the building is precisely documented.
  • Facade measurement
    Effortless creation of facade plans, surface determination, damage register and flatness analysis of facades.
  • Survey of building shell accuracies
    Possibility of prefabrication of building claddings and extensions.
  • Surveying for energy considerations
    Exact determination of the outer shell, e.g. window areas, blinds, columns...
  • Orthophotos
    Automatic creation of dimensionally accurate, rectified images from point clouds.
  • Documentation
    Capture & documentation of structures and buildings for Facility Management and Building Information Management (BIM).
  • Preservation of historical monuments
    Surveying of listed buildings

Facade surveying

What are the advantages of laser scanning?

3D laser scanning can considerably reduce surveying costs. The high measurement speed of laser scanners significantly minimizes the time spent on site, as the 3D laser scanner scans its surroundings with a laser beam and captures millions of individual measurement points in this way. The data collected by the laser scanner is geometrically correct and provides a very clear image of the object being measured. In this way, a complete measurement is achieved within a very short time, which enables a unique and fast analysis of the data thanks to its accuracy and completeness. Data analysis is automated and can be quickly and easily imported into existing CAD systems.

Challenges in facade surveying

It can often be a challenge to completely capture a complex facade with a 3D laser scanner. In particular, dormers, facade projections and roof areas are difficult to capture. Frequently, there is not enough space to place the scanner in different locations and at different heights.

The solution: A tripod that sticks out of the window!

Together with a well-known tripod manufacturer, we have developed a high-quality horizontal tripod that copes excellently with the high demands of everyday scanning.
This tripod allows a scanner to be positioned up to 260cm away from the outer facade through the open window by means of a horizontal extension arm. This makes it possible to capture facades and roofscapes quickly and reliably.
A special feature here is that the scanner can be mounted on the tripod both upright and overhead.



Learn which scanners the horizontal tripod is compatible with and all other information in our blog post or in the online shop:

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To sum up

With 3D laser scanning, facades can be measured or surveyed at unrivaled speed. Since it is a non-contact measurement method, the time on site is reduced to a minimum. No other method delivers such a detailed and geometrically correct facade measurement. With the right equipment and a little experience, extraordinary results can be achieved in a very short time. Software solutions enable fast and cost-saving analysis of the captured data. The results can be further processed in existing CAD systems.


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