Scan time of the FARO Focus S series

FARO FocusS series – Capture times/scanning times

Scan time FARO Focus S 350

With a variety of different 3D laser scanning systems on the market, it is not always easy to keep track of everything. In order to offer our customers and partners the best possible solution for their individual requirements, our service team regularly tests and compares a wide range of systems and scanning solutions. We recently took a closer look at the FARO FocusS series. In particular, the FARO FocusS 350.

The 3D laser scanner FARO FocusS 350 used in the test is also available for rental in our online shop:

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Overview of the scan time depending on the settings

The following overview shows the different scan times depending on the selected resolution and quality. Differentiation was also made between the various color modes (RGB, Speed, Night, HDR). In order to be able to estimate how much data is captured, the number of points in millions is given for each setting. The density of the point cloud on a flat surface at a distance of 10 meters is also given.

It should be noted, however, that FARO scan data is not comparable with data from other manufacturers, as manufacturers specify different parameters for determining duration. For FARO scanners, the time from pressing the start button to the end of the scan is specified.

Scan time FARO Focus S 350


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