Point-Cab Layout

  • Create crystal clear representations of laser scanning data through Crystal Clear View Technology
  • Generate floor plans, views and sectional views at the push of a button (e. g. orthophotos and façade plans)
  • Simple to use through an intuitive user interface (no training necessary)
  • Point-Cab supports most CAD programs
  • Use laser scanning results with your existing and familiar CAD program
  • Analyze and interpret point clouds fast and easily


What is Point-Cab Layout?

Point-Cab is the first application that automatically generates―at the push of a button―floor plans and sectional views. The goal of the development team has been to create an extremely user-friendly interface design.

By applying the Crystal Clear View Technology, Point-Cab is able to create crystal clear and dimensionally accurate representations of laser scanning data. The laser scanning software only provides relevant information to the user, e. g. a building’s structure, installations, furnishings, arrangements and pipes. Point-Cab automatically analyzes and interprets single point clouds or even an entire laser scanning project. The result has much more expressiveness than individual points of point clouds. Images and representations of sections are a prerequisite for an easy modeling of objects in CAD programs.

The program supports most of the common CAD programs and construction tools through standard interfaces. You may use the results in AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Microstation, Google SketchUp and Revit. For the first time, you can use the laser scanning data in construction tools, e. g. Catia, Inventor, ProEngineer, Robcad and SolidWorks.

Trial of Point-Cab Layout

Find out for yourself why this revolutionary software can make such a difference for you. Ask us for a free trial version by sending a mail to info@laserscanning-europe.com.