Advantages of Scanner Rental

What are the advantages of renting at Laserscanning Europe?

1. Largest scanner rental park on the market

Thanks to our huge hire fleet, we can offer you a wide range of equipment from leading manufacturers for rent, so that you can use the perfect scanner for your project.

2. The best equipment for your project

We not only supply you with the best scanner for your project, but also the appropriate accessories such as reference spheres and tripod. Thus, you have everything you need for your project.

3. Initial consultation for free

We offer newcomers a free initial consultation in which we clarify questions about laser scanning technology, the choice of the suitable scanner and data analysis.

4. An inexpensive and flexible alternative to purchase

You only pay for hardware and software if you are actually working on a project. Especially for newcomers, the rental option reduces costs and risks.

5. Use the newest hardware for a low price

Our scanner range includes numerous high-priced devices from the field of terrestrial laser scanners, handheld 3D scanners and mobile laser scanners.

6. Reducible rental costs

With longer rental periods of handheld scanners, you benefit from lower rental costs per day. Meanwhile, the earlier you book a terrestrial laser scannerbefore the start of the rental period, the lower the rental price per day.

7. No expensive maintenance costs

Our scanners are regularly serviced by the manufacturer so that you can always work with properly operating devices.

8. Save costs for software updates

Save costs for licenses and updates by simply renting the required software from us on a project-related basis.

9. Focus on customer service

Our experienced experts are always available to answer your questions, support you with your project on site if necessary and help you to solve problems.

10. Rent scanner if no own device is available

If your own device breaks down, you don't risk any time delays during the project thanks to the scanner rental.

11. Certified training for beginners

Inexperienced customers benefit from our practical training courses. On request, we can also offer training directly on your project (training on the job).

12. Easy handling & flexible shipping

You can rent from us without any complications. We deliver the equipment to the desired location and collect it at the end of the rental period. Alternatively, you can pick the scanner up at our rental station in Magdeburg.


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