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The perfect scanner for your project

In Laserscanning Europe's extensive range of scanners, you will find the perfect scanner for every application. Whether you want to capture a small component or an entire building in 3D, we provide you with everything you need for your project.

We offer scanners for the following fields of application:


  • Architecture, construction and monument preservation
  • Real estate evaluation
  • Facility management
  • Digital factory and plant construction
  • Mining and tunnelling
  • Aircraft and shipbuilding
  • Tunnel and cave documentation
  • Public service corporations
  • Industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Foundries and steel industry
  • Chemical and process industry
  • Virtual Reality
  • Restoration
  • Art
  • Insurance
  • Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Product design
  • Medicine/Medical engineering
  • Quality control
  • Computer graphics
  • Forensics (crime scene documentation)
  • accident reconstruction
  • ... and more


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Rental scanners at a glance

Whether handheld 3D scanner, terrestrial 3D laser scanner, mobile laser scanner or 360° panoramic camera - we have the right device for your specific application.


Overview & prices of all rental products

Terrestrial laser scanner (TLS)

We hire out 3D laser scanners from FARO (e.g. FARO Focus3D series and FocusS series) and Leica (e.g. Leica BLK360) including batteries and charger. If required, we also provide accessories such as reference spheres and tripod as well as software solutions for registration (e.g. FARO Scene) and point cloud analysis (e.g. PointCab).


Overview & rental prices of terrestrial laser scanners

Overview & rental prices of software




Handheld 3D scanner

We offer handheld 3D scanners from various manufacturers. The following scanners currently belong to our range of rental scanners:


Overview & rental prices of handheld 3D scanners




Mobile laser scanner

You can rent both the GeoSLAM ZEB-Revo and the GeoSLAM ZEB-Revo RT from us on a daily basis. GeoSLAM's mobile mapping systems can be used flexibly for a wide range of applications, including, for example...

  • buildings
  • industrial facilities
  • tunnels
  • caves
  • mines
  • vessels
  • forests
  • crime scenes
  • scenes of accidents


Overview & rental prices of  mobile laser scanners

360° panoramic camera

The 360° panoramic camera NCTech iSTAR Fusion is suitable for creating highly accurate 360° panoramic photos and 360° videos.

In combination with a 3D laser scanner, you can colorize your point clouds with the help of high-resolution photos. The necessary software is included in the rental offer.


Information & rental prices of panoramic camera