Rental Process for Scanners

Are you interested in renting a laser scanner? Then you will find further information about the rental process here.


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How does the rental process work?

Ablauf der Scanner-Miete

1. You contact us

Please contact us! We clarify together, which scanner you need for your project and whether a briefing or a training is necessary.

2. We check the availability

We check the availability of the device in the desired period and book the scanner for you.

3. We send you an offer

We clarify the rental scope (e.g. laser scanning accessories, software) and send you a quotation as well as our terms and conditions for rental.

4. You pay the rent deposit and the rental costs

After you have sent the order confirmation and the signed rental conditions to us, you transfer the rental deposit and the rental costs.

5. We ship the scanner

We send you the scanner. Alternatively, you can pick up the device at our rental station in Magdeburg.

6. You realize your scan project

After receiving the scanner, you can start scanning immediately and then analyze the scan data. The scanner is available for the agreed rental period.

7. You send the scanner back

You return the scanner to us as agreed or hand it in at our rental station in Magdeburg.

8. We send you the invoice

We check the device for defects and completeness. We will then send you the invoice and return the rental deposit to you immediately.


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