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FARO Scene

With FARO Scene, you can easily and efficiently process and manage scan data captured with a FARO Focus laser scanner or the FARO Freestyle handheld scanner. Scene enables automatic object detection as well as automatic or manual scan registration and positioning of color or black-and-white scans.

Various functions for measuring in the point cloud, meshing and 3D visualization are also available. The software allows the export for various point cloud and CAD formats, in which you can then further analyze and process your data.

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FARO Scene WebShare Cloud

The FARO Scene WebShare Cloud supports you in the exchange with other project participants. In the WebShare Cloud you can upload your scan projects and make them accessible to other people. All you need is a browser to view the scan results.



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FARO As-Built Software

FARO As-Built software is an excellent solution if you use Autodesk AutoCAD and/or Revit for further processing of your scan results. FARO As-Built for AutoCAD and As-Built for Revit integrate perfectly with the familiar user interfaces.


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FARO As-Built Modeler

With FARO As-Built Modeler you can extract building-specific information such as CAD or BIM geometry from your point clouds and use it afterwards in any CAD system. User-friendly tools and functions – such as measurements, photorealistic renderings or highly accurate CAD models – support you in your workflow.


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