Training on the Job

Training on the job

Laser scanning training directly on your project – it couldn't be more successful

A training on the job, i.e. a training directly on your specific scanning project, is the perfect opportunity to get to know the technology of laser scanning in practice. We will help you achieve satisfactory as-built documentation results on one (or more) of your current projects. We will explain hardware and software for laser scanning projects and find an effective workflow for you.

How does the individual training pass off?

In advance, you will exchange thoughts with our experienced experts so that they can better understand your requirements and goals. Then, we will select at least one laser scanner and the optimal software for data processing.

The training on the job is a complete bundle of hardware, software and training content. The training is usually split into two days. On the first day, you learn how to handle the instrument and how to take measurements on a project. On the second day, the analysis takes place with suitable software and the transfer of the results into the customer-specific CAD software for further processing.

How does the training on the job work in detail?

Ablauf Training on the Job

Day 1

We visit you with the matching measurement device in order to work with you on a specific project. We have all kinds of accessories in our luggage so that we are prepared for special applications and can show you different measurement strategies.

After a short briefing on the operation of the laser scanner and a discussion of the scanning process, we will start working on the project. we will explain individual steps and procedures. After some time, we will gradually hand over the responsibility of operating the scanning device to you. Then, we are at your side to advise you during the scannin gprocess, so that you get a good feeling in handling the laser scanner.

At the same time, we also provide insights into different measurement methods and combination methods. As not every project is the same, we can give you important tips based on our experience. We will also give you an overview of the current situation and perspectives in the field of laser scanning.

Day 2

The second day is for the data analysis. We take software and training manuals to you, if needed. Consequently, you will be instructed in the software; and the processing of the project from the previous day will take place. We will explain different techniques of analysis and various special cases. The individual scans are finally merged into a complete point cloud, which then serves as a data basis for further work. In the end, you will know the most suitable, efficiency-optimized workflow for you, with which you will also achieve success in the future.

Auswertung der Daten

What are the advantages of the training on the job?

As a result of the two-day training, you will be able to operate a laser scanner with the corresponding software; at the same time, you will have a completed as-built documentation of your project. After the training, you will also be authorized to rent the corresponding scanner from us ‒ another benefit of this training offer.

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