Group Trainings

Laser scanning trainings - From the capture to the point cloud to the modeled result

Learn about laser scanning technology at first hand. We show you the workflow how to capture objects with a 3D laser, analyze data and finally create a documentation.

We offer you a practice-oriented training and not only theory lessons on hardware and software. With the assistance of our professionals, you capture real objects congenial to your field of application, analyze the scan data and model the scan result. In the scope of our training, you learn how to ...

  • use hardware (e.g. FARO laser scanner) effectively,
  • plan the positions of the scanner in the best possible way,
  • position scanning targets optimally,
  • process the scan data efficiently in the registration software,
  • export the data and use it in your CAD software.

At the moment, we only offer group trainings in German language. Please contact us if you are interested in an English-speaking training. Please send a mail to or use our contact form.


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5 Steps to Success

3 good reasons why you should book a training from us

1. We focus on practice instead of only theory!

During the training, we want to impart the best workflow and support you with helpful tips so that you can achieve the desired results in your projects independently. Practical experience comes first in our workshops.

2. Benefit from our experience!

Our trainers have several years of experience - in some cases over 10 years - in laser scanning and belong to the leading pioneers of this technology in Germany. The extensive project experience in various fields of application and the knowledge of different laser scanners is the ideal prerequisite to answer your specific questions and to be able to give you advice.

3. Rent our scanners thanks to certification!

After participating in our certified training, you are authorized to rent an appropriate scanner from us - an inexpensive solution to start laser scanning.


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You can choose: Low-cost training in small groups or customized training on the project

Where is the training held? We offer regular training courses in small groups at various locations in Germany. Alternatively, our trainers can come to your office or  support you on site during your scan project - incognito if desired.

Simply take part in the keen group trainings or order an individual training tailored to your requirements.


Information about the training on the job


Praxisbezogene Schulung bei Laserscanning Europe - auch direkt an Ihrem Projekt