Online Trainings For Software: Point Clouds In AutoCAD & Revit

Learn the smart point cloud workflow in Autodesk AutoCAD & Revit

Are you already using Autodesk AutoCAD or Revit? Do you want to use point clouds to generate your 2D plans and 3D models in the future ? We show you how you can work most efficiently with point clouds in the software.

Learn how to deal with 3D point clouds of different formats and from different scanner manufacturers with the help of our experts. Currently, we offer our online training courses for Autodesk AutoCAD and Revit: Create your CAD plans based on a point cloud in AutoCAD or model your BIM model in Autodesk Revit.

Benefit from our know-how. Our trainers have many years of experience in modeling and analyzing laser scanner data and work with the software on a daily basis.

Our trainer will clarify the following questions with you:

  • How do I import a point cloud into AutoCAD?
  • How can I assign a point cloud in AutoCAD?
  • How do I change the position of the point cloud?
  • What settings do I need to make for my point cloud?
  • How do I create views of my point cloud in AutoCAD?
  • How do I bring point clouds into the layout area?
  • How do I create a 3D model in Autodesk Revit using the point cloud?


Training courses at a glance


Von der Punktwolke zum 2D-Plan in AutoCAD oder 3D-Modell in Revit

Why should you book an online training course with us?
We give you 3 good reasons …

1. You benefit from an individual training

The online training takes place exclusively between you and our expert. The trainer will clarify your specific questions and give you the best possible advice. A training as individual as a fingerprint.

2. You get to know the fastest workflow

Our trainer will show you a structured way of dealing with the point clouds in the respective software solution, so that you can import the point clouds and create a 2D plan in AutoCAD or a 3D model in Revit in the shortest possible time.

3. You can work efficiently on your projects right off

You will learn time-saving tips and tricks on settings and the handling of point clouds in the Autodesk software, which you can implement immediately after the training. Benefit from the short training instead of having to work through the procedure on your own for weeks.

Modeling in Autodesk Revit

Training courses for software at a glance

Online-Schulung:Punktwolken in Autodesk AutoCAD verarbeitenOnline Training: Process point clouds in Autodesk AutoCAD

Duration: 2 hours

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Online-Schulung:Punktwolken in Autodesk Revit verarbeitenOnline Training: Process point clouds in Autodesk Revit

Duration: 4 hours

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Modellierung in Autodesk Revit