360° lighting for 3D laser scanner

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We bring light into the darkness!

The robust 360° lighting is particularly suitable for producing laser scans with high-quality photos in caves or tunnels. The powerful lighting is simply mounted between the terrestrial 3D laser scanner and the tripod, ensuring homogeneous illumination of the surroundings.

Whether used to illuminate a tight, dark space or at night in a public area when crowds are no longer present, the lighting turns night into day! A definite plus for all scanning projects. Even in difficult environmental conditions, this lighting supports you in creating high-quality color point clouds.

3D laser scanner lighting in our shop


What are the features of the 360° lighting?

Specially developed for use with various 3D laser scanners, the 360° lighting covers the fields of view of the laser scanner sensors. Made of high-quality components, the 360° lighting is a reliable companion for every project. The powerful illumination device can be individually adjusted and each illumination element can be controlled and adjusted separately. This allows optimal results to be achieved in any situation. The quality of the light produced as well as the intensity are a guarantee of success for photographic 360° renderings. With up to 3,000 lumens, night becomes day! Depending on the brightness level, you can thus achieve an illumination time of over 18 hours.



When does it make sense to use the lighting?

The 360° lighting can be used wherever poor lighting conditions prevail. Some examples may include:

  • External illumination for better illumination in poor lighting conditions.
  • Realistic color rendering for colorized point clouds
  • Illumination of the scene even in confined and/or unlit environments, e.g. caves


360° lighting for 3D laser scanner in our Shop


Lighting for Leica BLK2GO

With the matching lighting for the BLK2GO, poorly illuminated environments such as caves can be scanned effortlessly. Due to the homogeneous illumination, high-quality color images are created for your scans. The lighting has been specially designed as a lightweight and ergonomic piece of equipment for the BLK2GO. Thus, it ensures uniform and bright illumination in the entire detection range of the BLK2GO.

Lighting for BLK2GO

Lighting for Leica BLK2GO