Artec HD Mode – Next Level Scanning

With the software Artec Studio 15 and the latest firmware update for the Artec Leo, the HD mode has now been integrated. These modifications offer an improved data acquisition for measurements with the 3D scanners Artec Leo and Artec Eva. Improved measurement here means that the resolution during the measurement is significantly increased and thus finer structures are also better captured. Sharp edges as well as areas that are difficult to access are captured in more detail than was possible in the past. In addition, the image quality of black and shiny surfaces has been significantly enhanced. All optimizations do not require any changes to the hardware.

Excellent scan results thanks to neural AI engine

With the help of artificial intelligence and with the revolutionary use of artificial neural networks, the fields of application for the Artec scanners are extended and editing processes are optimized. Artec Leo and Eva now deliver twice as high resolutions of up to 0.2mm. Thus, the known problems in the form of blurred edges or missing data between fine structures can be minimized. The data coverage and quality also ensures that downstream reverse engineering processes are simplified and optimized. The data is also better suited for other purposes (e.g. quality control) without any post-processing than before.

Using Artec Leo with HD reconstruction, you can produce 64 times more data than before. With Artec Eva, the data can be 36 times as large. However, the amount of data can also take any intermediate value. You are free to decide how much data should be generated. It should be noted that with increasing data volume, the demands on the computer performance also rise. Especially the graphics memory of the graphics card is important. For the Artec Eva 2GB and for the Artec Leo 4GB are required to guarantee a decent processing.

More detail and depth with HD

The HD mode now makes it possible to scan hair, for example, which was previously not easily possible. Due to the fine structures of the hair, no or blurred data was captured until now. The high resolution now also ensures razor-sharp scanning results.

Comparison Artec scan data of hair without and with HD modeCapture hair without (left) and with (right) HD mode | Images by ARTEC


A similar result can be seen in the capture of fine structures with deep geometries, where data could not be captured in the past due to too steep measurement angles. Again, the higher resolution ensures the highest possible data coverage. This becomes clear, for example, when looking at a motorcycle drive; the narrow geometries confront every 3D scanner with almost unsolvable tasks. Especially the surface, which is a mixture of dark and glossy material, makes the data acquisition very difficult. However, the HD mode also shows improvements in terms of the suitability of the surface. Many surfaces that were previously unsuitable for 3D scanning can now be captured in detail even without scanning spray.

Comparison Artec scan data of a motorcycle drive without and with HD modeMeasurement of an engine of a motorcycle drive with complex geometries such as the cooling fins and difficult to scan surfaces. Result without (top) and with (bottom) HD mode | Images by ARTEC


Our conclusion on the ARTEC HD mode

The newly introduced artificial intelligence makes the Artec scanners with the software Artec Studio 15 a luminary in the market of handheld 3D scanners. The data is captured and thus processed much more cleanly. Due to fewer faulty objects or surfaces, post-processing is faster and the creation of a 3D model more effective.

The HD mode offers the possibility to scan significantly more and more accurately. The AI used ensures clean results and optimized processing. Nevertheless it is possible to measure as usual with the lower settings. In summary, the HD mode is a successful addition and problem solution for scanning with Artec Leo and Artec Eva.