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Informieren Sie sich über die Einsatzgebiete des 3D Laserscanning. Sie werden staunen, welche Möglichkeiten Ihnen die 3D Dokumentation liefert.
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DotProduct News 04/2021 – Webinar & capture of a complete house

News from DotProduct! The manufacturer of small and mobile handheld scanners has published an impressive example of a fast and efficient capture of a house.

In addition, there is the webinar "Handheld 3D scanning for interactive virtual 3D meetings with DotProduct & IQ3".

3D laser scanning and PC-Crash for the documentation of accidents

Laserscanning Europe GmbH has a new user story for you! The new story deals with the use of laser scanners for the documentation of accidents. Based on laser scanner data, you can reconstruct the course of an accident and simulate it in software.

New user story: Facade measurement by means of laser scanning

In our new user story, we show you in an example which advantages laser scanning as a measurement method provides for the creation of a façade measurement. Learn from us what you should keep in mind for surveying a facade and for the analyzing the scan results.