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Here is an overview of the latest from DotProduct.
In January, some interesting topics have been picked up by DotProduct:

Webinar: Master Class in Dot3D™ 4.0

This interactive training session covers the full process of capturing and processing Dot3D scan data from the newly supported Intel RealSense LiDAR Camera L515 and Depth Camera D455. The live session was hosted by our in-house Dot3D scanning expert Chris Ahern, with additional commentary from DotProduct founder and CTO Rafael Spring. Topics covered (and demoed live) include all of the following and more:
  • Live scanning with Intel RealSense LiDAR Camera L515 and Depth Camera D455
  • Discussion of the benefits of each new camera in relation to the full suite of options
  • Demonstration of new scan-time annotation and custom annotation class capabilities
  • Overview of multiple savable measurement features now built into Dot3D 4.0
  • Live demo of improved re-localization functionality when tracking is lost
  • Review of UI updates, language options, lat/long referencing, AprilTag display
  • Explanation of new autosave process and best practices for saving data
  • Full overview of advanced settings and other changes in Dot3D 4.0
  • Commentary from Dot3D creator Rafael Spring...on 4.0 and what's next!
  • Live Q & A session with DotProduct's Chris Ahern and Rafael Spring


Case Study: Custom Design of Pickup Truck Canopies with Dot3D™ 

DotProduct is glad to share their latest customer success story from Xtreme Outdoor Group in South Africa.
The DotProduct DPI-10 handheld 3D scanning kit has been deployed as a multi-faceted solution to improve the design process and maximize efficiency for custom pickup truck canopy design.


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In Case You Missed It: Turn your rugged tablet into a 3D scanning kit

How to build a heldheld 3D scanner with your Zebra rugged Tablet:
This instructional video covers how to create a complete rugged handheld 3D scanning kit with a Zebra L10 XSLATE Rugged Tablet, an Intel® RealSense™ 3D depth camera, and a license of Dot3D Pro software. This setup can also be used with extension poles and light kits for capturing hard to reach or dark areas, such as manholes, storm drainage, utility infrastructure, pipe racks, above ceiling, etc.


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Which 3D camera is best for my needs?

With so many different 3D cameras now supported in Dot3D, it has become increasingly difficult to disambiguate which options excel in which situations. In an effort to help clarify this for you, DotProducts latest blog ranks each of the top 5 options across 10 categories. Click the link below for the full blog. And are by no means limited to just one!


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