DotProduct News 04/2021 – Webinar & capture of a complete house

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Capturing a house with DOT3D Pro & Intel RealSense D455

News from DotProduct! The manufacturer of small and mobile handheld scanners has published an impressive example of a fast and efficient capture of a house.

Capturing a complete house does not always have to take a lot of time and effort. As you can see in this example, you don't need a lot of time or expensive equipment for such a project these days. DotProduct's scanning solutions are mostly compatible with existing hardware, such as a smartphone or a standard tablet. The hardware components for a scanning kit can be freely selected, depending on personal needs and application.

The Dot3D™ Pro software and the Intel® Realsense™ D455 depth camera were used for this project, the complete capture of the exterior and interior of a house. A standard Microsoft Surface Go 2 tablet was used, too.

The house includes 12 rooms and the exterior. Only three scans were required for complete capture. Two of these scans covered the interior of the house; the third scan covered the entire exterior. The scans of the interior and exterior areas took only 30 minutes. Subsequent registration and editing of the captured data was done in DotProduct's Dot3D Edit software. The processed data was finally output to Autodesk ReCap for viewing.




Webinar: Handheld 3D Scanning for Interactive Virtual 3D Meetings with DotProduct & IQ3

The cost of 3D data capture continues to decrease and the ease of use of the systems used to capture it continues to increase. In the process, there is a growing need among team members and colleagues to use the 3D data they have captured while still in the field or in other locations. DotProduct's live webinar will demonstrate one way this can be achieved with Dot3D Pro and IQ3 Connect.

This webinar will demonstrate how a simulated crime scene (an entire room) can be quickly and accurately captured in three dimensions using Dot3D Pro and instantly published to a fully immersive and interactive virtual collaborative meeting room using IQ3 Connect.

Highlights include:

  • Live 3D capture with Dot3D Pro on a Windows tablet
  • Fast post-processing
  • Upload to the cloud-based VR meeting platform iQ3 Connect
  • Launch of a shared live meeting room for immersive viewing of scan data
  • Live demonstration of iQ3 Connect interactive functionality,
  • Virtual tours, measurements, annotations, attachments and more.

Billy Bush of Air Insight Consulting also checks in live from Portland, Oregon, to enter the virtual space, walk through the crime scene he just captured, and offer special expertise and insight into the use of these technologies for crime scene documentation.




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