Emlid News Firmware Update 2023

Emlid announced a whole bunch of minor fixes and improvements at the end of January. We have collected all the news and share it with you.

Emlid Firmware Update 2023

Reach Firmware 30 Stable

Emlid finally brings the 30th cycle of development to an end with the release of the latest stable version. It includes all the bug fixes from the previous betas. Below we take a look at the most important changes for Emlid Reach.

New battery charging estimation algorithm on RS2/RS2+

In previous versions, some users could have reported that the receiver discharges fast or doesn't fully charge. However, these symptoms were caused by the incorrect charge level indication, not by battery fault.

Now, there should be no such issues. Once the unit is updated to Stable 30 and the full battery recharge is done, the algorithm is recalibrated. So the battery state of charge indication is to be fully trusted. If anyone has experienced this problem, it is recommended to update.

Advanced RINEX logging for 3rd-party software compatibility

This will help the users who are integrating Reach with third-party software for post-processing. The time is now always even in the logs recorded. No need to run any additional procedures through the Emlid Studio.

Also, for those who are actively working with PPP services, Emlid has improved the IBGE-service preset to contain both GPS and GLONASS. This allows one to supply more data to the service.

Improved compatibility with third-party GNSS receivers over NTRIP

If you are using Reach as a base for an older third-party receiver, this fix will help to maintain a steady FIX solution. Before, different ways of handling the time over correction messages may have resulted in stability issues. Now, Emlid added leap seconds to provide a seamless connection between the receivers.

Other additions and improvements:

  • New web interface for Reach Panel and Emlid Flow app.
  • 1.5 times faster booting of the receiver (90 s vs less than 60 s).
  • Improved connection over Bluetooth with Android 12 devices for Reach RS+/RS2/RS2+.
  • Fixed situations when Corrections Input or Output settings were changed after reboot.

The full list of changes is in Emlid's Changelogs and on the community forum.

Quick tip: A frequently asked question:

How to enter base coordinates in a local projection?

When you create a project in a specific coordinate system, the Emlid Flow app shows you what coordinate system your base should be in. That’s the key to getting an accurate solution.

Still, Emlid Flow needs geographic coordinates and ellipsoidal height as a base position. What to do if you only have the local coordinates of it? The app will convert them by itself. In one of the updates, Emlid added the ability to pick the coordinates of the base from a survey project. That’s how you do it: just pick the coordinate from the project in the required system and you’re good to go.

To make this process easier, Emlid also prepared a screencast for you:

Emlid Basiskoordinaten

To familiarize yourself with it further, there is an extra support post from Emlid.


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